Brand Africa 100 Awards 2023: Celebrating the Best  African And International Brands

Brand Africa Awards

As the anticipation builds for the upcoming Brand Africa 100 Awards 2023, we reflect on the remarkable achievements of the previous year’s event.

Held in Uganda in 2022, the awards celebrated both African and international brands that have made a significant impact on the continent. From global giants to local powerhouses, the Brand Africa 100 Awards recognized the brands that have resonated most with African consumers.

Global and African Brands at the Forefront:

In 2022, the top positions in various categories showcased the dynamic competition between international brands and Made in Uganda local brands. The prestigious overall #1 brand went to Coca-Cola, a beloved international brand that has maintained a strong presence in Uganda and throughout the continent.

South Africa’s MTN Group emerged as the top African brand, displaying its influence and connectivity across Africa’s telecommunications landscape.

Category Leaders and Local Impact:

The awards ceremony also acknowledged category leaders that have left an indelible mark on African consumers.

Kenya’s NTV claimed the title of the #1 media brand, providing quality news and entertainment to audiences across the region.

Centenary Bank, a local financial institution, was recognized as the #1 brand in financial services, demonstrating its commitment to serving the banking needs of Ugandans.

 Airtel, a prominent telecommunications company, claimed the top spot in its category, showcasing its wide-reaching network and innovative solutions.

Jumia, an e-commerce platform, was celebrated as the #1 technology brand, driving the growth of online shopping in Africa.

Toyota, the leading auto manufacturer, stood out for its exceptional quality and reliability, earning the #1 spot in its category. ABSA, a brand that symbolizes African pride, received well-deserved recognition for its commitment to Africa’s economic development and empowerment.

Brand Africa 100 Awards 2023:- Looking Ahead:

As we gear up for the much-anticipated Brand Africa 100 Awards 2023, set to take place in Uganda on July 11, the stage is set to honor and celebrate the brands that have captured the hearts and minds of African consumers.

The event will showcase the continued growth and evolution of both international and Made in Uganda brands, highlighting their contributions to Africa’s economic development and cultural landscape.

In the spirit of recognizing excellence, the Brand Africa 100 Awards will serve as a platform to celebrate brands that have demonstrated innovation, sustainability, and social impact. The event will provide an opportunity to reflect on the achievements of the past year while looking ahead to the exciting future of African and international brands in the region.


The Brand Africa 100 Awards 2023 promises to be a momentous celebration of African and international brands that have made their mark in the hearts and minds of consumers.

From global giants to local champions, these brands have shaped Africa’s economic landscape, showcased its diverse cultural heritage, and brought about positive change in the communities they serve.

As we count down the days to the event, anticipation grows for the recognition and accolades that will be bestowed upon the deserving brands that have made Africa proud.

Stay tuned for the Brand Africa 100 Awards 2023, to be held on July 11th, at the Golden Tulip Canaan Hotel in Kampala, which is an occasion that will shine a spotlight on the brands that exemplify excellence, innovation, and the spirit of African pride.

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