Sometimes you have to find a solution to achieve your goals career wise – Maggie Kigozi

Dr. Maggie Kigozi addressing graduands of the second cohort at Protea Kampala Hotel over the weekend.

While speaking at the Graduation of the second cohort of the Girls for Girls mentorship initiative for Post Bank Uganda, a program whose aim is to equip more women for Leadership roles with in the Bank which occurred at Protea Hotel in Kololo over the weekend, Dr. Maggie Kigozi advised the graduates to prioritize their career growth so as to see progress at their jobs.

“As young ladies you have in many cases just began families and also have busy career lives as bankers, it becomes hard to balance things at home with productivity at the workplace, sometimes you have to find a solution to in order to achieve your goals career wise.”

The chief guest at the function, Dr. Maggie Kigozi a renowned Entrepreneur, management consultant and retired Executive added that delegation of non essential duties becomes key if young women are to have enough time and space to grow career wise. This may take the form of having nannies, drivers and personal Assistants to handle some of one’s routine tasks as the focus is turned to increasing one’s knowledge in their area of expertise plus adding more innovation and creativity to their work in order to stand out.

She however cautioned there is no single formula to getting around this and further urged the graduates to create their own efficient personal system or formula that works best for them.

Kigozi also urged the ladies to remain steadfast in all their undertakings, always taking key decisions based purely on integrity and an ethical approach so that they can turn out exceptional in the workplace.

Allen Assimwe the African Director of Girls for Girls Initiative and one of the lead facilitators of the training urged the graduating ladies to put into practice the critical lessons they learned on clearly defining their dreams, building self confidence and personal branding to mention but a few. “As you ladies put these things in practice you will begin to go bigger places and realize you are unstoppable and as good as can be ” she emphasized.

Testifying about the impact the training had on her, one of the participants Barbara Nyamahunge said the training had helped her boost her self confidence tremendously. “ I have discovered a new me with greater confidence, drive and a desire to impact the Bank and my community more with my unique abilities” she said.

Nyamahunge also noted that the Girls for Girls program within Post Bank has helped her get a mentor who has in turn played a great part in making her a better emerging leader and pushing her forward.

Post Bank CEO Julius Kakeeto handed over certificates to the graduands on behalf of the bank thanking the 22 ladies that graduated in the second cohort for being steadfast and doing all they needed to do to successfully complete the program.

Kakeeto made it clear to the graduands that there is a lot of room for them at the top both in Post Bank and beyond provided they can enhance their natural abilities and acquired skills to offer more value and competitiveness in the workplace. “Ladies tend to have high levels of emotional and social intelligence which when matched with adequate skills and self awareness will surely take them great places” he concluded.

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