Impartial World Roots To Bridge Gap Between Consumers And Service Providers

As economies around the world recover from the pangs and negative side-effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses are evolving with technology, in a bid to operate effectively and efficiently, using minimal resources.

Because of this major shift in operational modes, even service providers are changing the way they operate, especially the channels through which they reach out to their consumers, with many of them opting for more cost-effective and faster ways of making customers aware of their services and how they can access them.

One of the companies in Uganda that have embraced this shift in the mode of operation in the service provision industry is Impartial World, which operates an online platform that brings together a multitude of service providers on a platform where clients who want their services can access them.

With ensuring convenience for customers as their main objective, Impartial World is an App and Web platform that enables users to access a wide range of professional services instantly and conveniently, offered by both blue collar and white-collar service providers.

Founded in 2019, Impartial World is a platform that brings together a range of service providers that include; engineers, doctors, lawyers, mechanics, publishers, marketers, real estate agents, hotels, tours and travel, salon owners, among others.

The platform also enables the user to consult a service provider using the chat feature, plus having direct payments for the services needed, via the Impartial World wallet.

Besides the trading portal, the platform also provides blog articles and videos that inform a user about the different services, where to find them, on top of giving them a multiplicity of service providers from which to choose.

How To Use Impartial World

In order to enable as many Ugandans as possible to transact and enjoy services via Impartial World, the company developed a very user-friendly App, which is so simple to navigate through by even people with basic computer knowledge.


All you have to do is download the Impartial World from Google Play and App Store, then install it on your Smartphone, laptop or tablet.

After installing the App, register by signing up using your e-mail or phone number.

You will then be ushered onto the Impartial World Platforms, which automatically pops up a list of service providers, with their contacts and starting prices for their services.   

After choosing the best service provider from the list, the customer can then contact the service provider and make an order for the particular service that he/she wants.

Service Providers:

Companies and individuals who want to register with Impartial World are also welcomed and the process for getting and using the App is similar to the one above.

However, the difference is that instead of registering as a consumer/customer, the App gives an option for registering as a Service Provider.

After registering as a Service Provider, the user will avail potential clients with details about the available services, pricing and contacts, which they can use to get in touch with him/her to make orders.

It should be noted that Impartial World operates with an overriding objective of bringing services to your doorstep, by bridging the gap between service providers and consumers.       

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