Airtel remits Shs 34.8 billion rural communication levy

Telecom firm, Airtel Uganda, has handed over Shs 34.8 billion to the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) in fulfillment of the Communications Act, aimed at bolstering the nation’s communication infrastructure.

This contribution comes on the heels of Airtel’s exceptional financial performance in 2023, where it reported a gross revenue of Shs 1,784 billion, marking an impressive 11.5% increase from Shs 1,599 billion in the previous year.

The levy, mandated under the Communications Act and the terms of Airtel’s network license, requires telecom operators to dedicate 2% of their annual gross revenue towards enhancing rural communications infrastructure. This initiative is crucial for facilitating access to communication services in underserved areas, thereby reducing the digital divide.

George William Nyombi Thembo, the UCC Executive Director, praised Airtel Uganda for its significant contribution to the telecommunications sector during the cheque handover ceremony. “Airtel Uganda has set a commendable example in the development of communication in Uganda. We are profoundly grateful for their generous contribution, which plays a pivotal role in ensuring the underserved communities gain access to essential communication services,” he stated.

Manoj Murali, Managing Director of Airtel Uganda, emphasized the company’s dedication to the nation’s development and its role as a technology enabler in connecting people and businesses to opportunities.

“Our investment in a 100% 4G network across Uganda demonstrates our commitment to driving digital transformation and unlocking the potential of the country. We are proud to significantly fulfill this mandate,” Murali said.

He also acknowledged UCC’s crucial role in promoting a sustainable and accessible telecommunications sector in Uganda.

The funds provided by Airtel Uganda will be deployed by the UCC to improve and expand rural communication infrastructure, focusing on areas with limited access to communication services.

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