RUBiS Energy Uganda launch more than 50 convenience stores across the country

RUBiS Energy Uganda, one of the leading oil and gas companies in the country, has today announced the rebrand and launch of its convenience stores tailored to serve both long-distance travelers and those within the cities.

The rebrand of the stores to ENJOY, countrywide is in line with the investment agenda of RUBiS since its inception in the country.  

The 24-hour stores will have a fully operational café to cater for walk-in clients seeking to grab a quick bite before embarking on their trips. The retail stores will also provide customers with an array of commodities ranging from soft drinks, snacks, groceries, liquor and coffee to mention but a few.

In a move to reposition the RUBiS Energy brand, Olivier Gatera, the RUBiS Uganda Country Manager revealed that the new RUBiS stores dubbed ENJOY have state-of-the- art facilities to cater for their customers.

“Today we launch our rebranded store ENJOY, a one-stop-center, designed to ensure that travelers are in position to refresh and reboot for the continuation of their journeys,” Gatera said.

Furthermore, while speaking about the current trend of the oil prices in the country, Gatera cited the various incentives and ways in which RUBiS has proposed to ease the burden of acquisition of fuel and commodities on their customers. And he further mentioned that a reduction in pump prices shall be seen in the market following the recent international oil prices drop.

“Despite the past rise in prices to acquire oil and gas worldwide, we have aimed to mitigate and minimize the increase while at the same time keeping the business afloat and able to serve Ugandans,” Gatera said. He added that, “All our customers that purchase fuel and items with the RUBiS card automatically get a discount off their purchase. This was instituted to enable our customers to enjoy acquiring our services.”

In addition to the discounts given at every purchase with the RUBiS card, customers for the next seven weeks will also stand a chance to win instant goodies from the stores countrywide

RUBiS Energy is committed to continue providing convenience to its customers, the number of our convenience ENJOY shops shall continue to grow from current 15 shops to approximately 50 in the next 18 months, and more in the near future.

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